Tea Break with Derek Stanley – Owner of Ergohub

Derek is the designer that we chose to help us to create the unique style of Tea Break Imagery that you see on our postcards.

We asked Derek our usual questions over a cuppa.

What is your Top Tip for people who are STBAM (Short on Time, Big on Ambition)?

Breaking down large tasks into smaller, more manageable jobs has been hugely helpful for me. Generally organising my time, and creating prioritised lists, helps me to maintain momentum and allows me to feel like I’m making good progress.

Who do you most admire who is STBAM?

I admire an artist called Joshua Smith. He has become a world renowned illustrator despite coming from a very disadvantaged background. For me, working hard in the face of adversity, will always be an admirable quality.

How do you think the Tea Break Training approach can help those who are STBAM?

We love the bite sized, easy to digest and very flexible training modules that Tea Break Training offer. Each module suggests trying out just one or two small changes that can make a big difference. 

You can get so busy with “doing” that you forget to reflect on your business practise – so the “how” you are doing it. The Tea Break approach is great because it is a quick and no fuss way help you to quickly hone in on areas which can be improved – and actually do something about it! 

3 Questions that might change your world 

We decided to ask some of the most interesting people we know the answer to these 3 simple questions to help anyone who is short on time and big on ambition.

What is your top tip for others who are STBAM?

Who do you admire in public life who is STBAM?

What do you like about the Tea Break Training philosophy?

We’d love to know your answers ! If you’d like us to ask anyone these questions we’d love your suggestions for who we can interview next !